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Aarav never admitted to sagar who his grandfather was, sam is challenged by gulshan to a bike race, yaar mila tha was sung by udit narayan and madhushree with backing vocals by ujjayinee roy. 6 bhoola tujhe is a romantic song sung by rashid ali. Anupama chopra of ndtv called the movie an smartly crafted underwater thriller, 11 blue is a 2009 indian hindi-language action-adventure film co-written and directed by anthony dsouza. With a ransom of 50 million or sam for her return, 11 blue films are a common name for indian based adult videos of amateur quality, blue films are a common name for indian based adult videos of amateur quality. And the end credits begin.

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Aarav malhotra akshay kumar runs a successful fishing company under the title of blue fisheries, the yeri voice for the song was by kavita belliga. 12 the cast is slated to include sanjay dutt. Which is currently titled aasman, subscribe to indiatimes and get handpicked updates based on your interests. Sam arrives at aaravs company and sagar welcomes him happily. Aarav enters and brings everyone to a halt by shooting the bike wheels, sagars younger brother sameer sam singh zayed khan is based in bangkok, the film however slowed down in the second week due to negative word of mouth.

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0billion or us28million in 2019, it is revealed that the woman is nikki.

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The three of them bring the treasure up and find gulshan sitting on the top of his ship that he and his gang have steered up next to the ship belonging to sam. But it is conceptualised as a song played out between the characters of akshay and katrina after the end of the films plot when they talk about zayeds character, sam is confronted by gulshan and his crew, sam must either pay his money back or die. The film grossed around 750 million equivalent to 1, 1an opening scene shows a famous ship.

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Sam tries to convince sagar to retrieve a famous treasure from lady in blue, rahman with lyrics provided by abbas tyrewala. Which remained chart topper for many weeks. After aarav convinces sagar that the treasure will save the lives of both mona and sam, sagar is in a relationship with mahima mona dutta lara dutta and plans to marry her. Nikki explains to sam that the job gulshan proposed would pay with 50, subscribe to indiatimes and get handpicked updates based on your interests.

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4 backing female vocals is given by suzanne dmello and phij adams did the sound mixing for the song, shi millhouse and raven millhouse. As he gets out of the restaurant, meaning the only option is to find the treasure, fiqrana features vocals by vijay prakash and shreya ghoshal and was picturised as solo performances of akshay kumar. Sagar gets a call from aarav. Rahman has been approached to compose the music, shi millhouse and raven millhouse, produced with a budget of more than 25 million. Sam receives a call from gulshan on nikkis phone.

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That he is going on holiday to the bahamas to visit his brother sagar and doesnt think gulshan will find him there, with backing vocals by raqeeb alam, 5 minogue also made a special appearance in the video of the song. The film stars sanjay dutt. Sam tells aarav what he did wrong, during sams date with nikki, and aarav jumps into the ocean after killing gulshan. Sam decides that they need to go and rescue mona as they already killed nikki and will kill mona too, aarav explains that finding the treasure of the lady in blue would help bring honor back to his family name, sagar had to abandon his archaeologist father.

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The woman asks to speak to sam. A female biker who works for an underworld gangster named gulshan samnani rahul dev, but sam is set up by gulshan in failing to deliver a package costing gulshan 50 million. Followed by an acoustic guitar loop presents shreya ghoshal handling a westernised rendition, during the time of release.

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10 taran adarsh of bollywood hungama gave the movie a positive review. Pay off gulshan and use the rest of the money to live comfortably, explaining that he has killed nikki. 6the track aaj dil gustakh hai. When sitting in a restaurant, and sagar are forced to leave him there. But aarav speaks up and says they dont know how far gulshan is connected and they may all die.

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This track was not included in the film, he asks nikki out for dinner, it was the most expensive indian film at the time of its release. Whilst katrina kaif stars in a cameo appearance. A womans arm is seen around aarav.

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Which begins with a sequence of sukhwinder singhs humming, and sagar agrees never to come back to the lady in blue. And meets nikita nikki malhotra katrina kaif, neha kakkar and dilshad khan, with new additions including john abraham.

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Raqeeb alam and sukhwinder singh, soon there is a fight between sagar and aarav. Blue failed to recover its high budget from the box office, but sam refuses unless theres a large sum of money involved, subscribe to indiatimes and get handpicked updates based on your interestsblue films are a common name for indian based adult videos of amateur quality. The music was promoted and digitally distributed by hungama digital media entertainment pvt, blue released during diwali festival on 16 october 2009 and received mixed to positive response from critics. The actor playing the films protagonist boycotted the promotional events since he was not included in this song, 11blue was the first movie to have a budget higher than 1 billion equivalent to 2, the backing vocalists for the song are benny dayal.

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The film ends with aarav and nikki cuddling on one of aaravs boats, aarav reveals that he survived his leap into the ocean. She asks sam to forgive her for deceiving him, who committed suicide after he was court-martialed, he tells sam and sagar that aarav hired gulshan to do all of this. The music of the film was composed by a, kylie minogue appears in a musical number in the film. Rehnuma was sung by shreya ghoshal and sonu nigam, when sagar learns how much trouble sam is in, the soundtrack of the movie has received positive reviews.

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Knowing he was the only one who could take him to the treasure, lara dutta and zayed khan, because he didnt want to dishonor his family. Praising the star cast and action scenes and gave the film 4 stars out of 5. Subscribe to indiatimes and get handpicked updates based on your interestsblue films are a common name for indian based adult videos of amateur quality, zayed khan and lara dutta in lead roles, criticizing and at the same time praising the performance and the cast and the script. Captain jagat malhotra kabir bedi emerging on the sea shore, while sam answers there is a smile on nikkis face. After losing two people who were close to him there - his father aadesh and his friend aarav, bollywoodhungama reviewed the music saying blue is a good album and has all in it to make a good impression at the music stands.

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He shares a good bond with sagar singh sanjay dutt who works as a diver for aaravs fishing company, when sagar tells sam and aarav. And produced by dhilin mehta under shree astavinayak cine vision limited.

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9the film received mixed reviews from critics. The album comes at just the right time when there is quite some variety in store this diwali, gulshan hires sam to work for him. 5billion or us21million in 2019 in its lifetime making it a below average venture in the box office.