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Walter was born in BS AIRES Argentina, studied in Saint Andrews, and graduated from St. John’s.
Walter Studied macroeconomics with a minor in marketing from central campus university of Houston. He started his advertising career with the Tremenda becoming the number one new business salesperson, yet he knew he wanted to create new ventures.In 1982 open VIVA 22 THE FIRST SPANISH TV Station in Houston, Tx

WALTER ROSENTHAL cannot be so simply categorized. Yet he was the largest Spanish production house in Houston from 1982 thru 1993 If nothing else, his life was too varied, from owning TV stations to investing in real estate. His influence too broad through the advertising world once remarked: the father of Spanish television in the Houston area. Thousand benefited from his work. Still more touched by his common sense moral code and many millions more again who hold his work as the spiritual cornerstone of their lives. Run the 11 the largest media buying service from 1993 to 2001.
In 2001 he retired at an early age and moved to New York City. Although most known him only as the excellent salesman, he also had the capacity of trying to re-shape their moral code and for those that know him only for his stations.

Walters best work is yet to come. Creating positive uplifting info that contributes to a better life and a better way to watch TV in the Twentieth century.

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