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Stephen “Capt.Hook” Kimmerling:

In 2007 was a frequent guest on “Reggae Recipe” on WDJA 1420 in Delray Beach , Fla.
In 2008 was co-host on “The Valerie Regan Show” and filled in for Dick Farrel.
In 2012 was co-host on “The Byron Eggers Show” then Co-host on the “JJ and Samm in the Morning”
Launched the On Line radio station
In 2014 became producer of the Dick Farrel Show. And was co-host of “The Eggman and Hook Show”
In 2015 Launched the sister station “”
Since 2015 Stephen has produced and been on air reporter for the 2016 election working with multiple personalities from Fox News.
Election night 2016 after and all night on air with Fox, Stephen retired from being an on air talent.
Stephen is now the program director for the WDBFradio Network and still produces shows like “Buck$ on the Book$helf”, “Fish Florida”, “The Sgt. Frank Show” and “Bobby Likis Car Clinic”. Stephen still guest hosts on the “Fish FloridaShow”, from time to time. Stephen is still the local producer for Bernie and Sid, Brian Kilmeade , John Gibson, and Sean Hannity.

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