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It has been a lot of hard work travelling the world chasing these fish. Most of the time I have had to work 2 jobs to pay for these trips, and actually sold my boat to pay for the last ones, but to achieve what no one has ever done before is something well worth the sacrifice 6 Royal Slams

The international game fish association have 6 different Royal Slams. I have been fishing since 2008 and have recently become the first person in the world to complete all 6 of them.

It’s a journey that I’ll be retelling for a long time. The exhilaration you get when you achieve a Royal Slam, knowing so few in the world have ever done it, is something to experience.

Not being content with being the first to do that, Matt is always on the lookout for a new adventure and challenge. He decided to pick up a fly rod and had started chasing some of these on fly. Matt is now also the first person in the world with the bass royal slam on fly and has now also completed the trout royal slam on fly. As well as the royal slams the igfa have grand slams which is 3 different species of i.e. bass on the same day, super slams are 4 different species on the same day and a fantasy slam which is 5 different species on the same day.

Matt also is one of only 3 people in the world with a bass fantasy slam and completed it with his good mate Craig Hain on the same day which is an amazing accomplishment in itself. He also has a super slam on salmon and a grand slam on trout with a fly rod.

Matt is a man with a mission to peruse new challenges but at the same time bring these amazing adventures to your wherever you’re watching and hoping to inspire you to pursue your dreams. As Matt says if I can do this, why aren’t you doing what you want to in life.

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