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M. David Roll

Director & Sports Coordinator

M. David Roll

Professional experience:
• Currently residing in Baltimore, Maryland
• Employed within the Baltimore County Public School system from 1996 to present
• Currently working in the capacity of Pupil Personnel Workerfrom 2016 to present

Educational experience:
• Undergraduate Degree in English – Towson University
• Masters Degree in Counseling – The Johns Hopkins University School of Education
• Post Graduate Certificate in Pupil Personnel Services – Towson University

Cricket Experience:
• Actively involved as a playing member of the Washington Cricket League from 1991 to 2005
• Playing member of Gentlemen of Philadelphia 1999 Cricket Tour of Devonshire, England
• Actively involved as a USACUA certified umpire in the Washington Cricket League from 1992 to present
• ECB ACO certified umpire from 2015 to present
• USA ACO certified umpire from 2015 to present
• Active participant in 2016 USA ACO/ECB ACO Umpiring Exchange Program – Nottinghamshire, England
• Served as Washington Cricket League Judiciary Chairman 1994 – 1996
• Served as Washington Cricket League Vice President 1997 – 1999
• Serving as active member of Washington Cricket League Board of Directors from 2015 to present
• Current active member of USA Cricket

I was initially exposed to the sport of cricket on my first trip to England back in 1990. I began playing organized league cricket in 1991 and continue to play cricket as well as to umpire cricket matches on a regular basis. Based on my many years of involvement with the sport, it has become much than just a game that I enjoy playing and following, it has become a lifestyle choice. As an American born cricketer, my goal is to help to bring sport of cricket to the forefront of the American sporting consciousness. I am looking forward to having the opportunity to partner with both USA Cricket and the ICC as these organizations encourage Americans to reconnect with their country’s proud cricketing history and work collectively to develop a bright and promising cricketing future for this country!

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